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Bag in Box – The House Wine

Bag-in-box (BIB) wine packing is a rather new method consisting of a pillow shaped bag of polyethylene protected by a cardboard box. The bag is sterile, protected by a metalized foil and sealed by a plastic tap accessible through an orifice specially provided on the box. The wine is loaded in the bag through a special installation, using vacuum.


The BIB technology proved to have distinct advantages compared with the conventional methods of packing, such as:

– the wine in the bag is never in contact with air and thus, never subject to oxidation until it is poured into the glass because the bag is flexible and it compresses as it empties;
– the wine remains fresh for 4 to 6 weeks after package opening;
– comparing with bottle packing, the BIB packing is lighter (a 3 liter BIB is approximately 40% lighter than 4 bottles of 0,75 liter) easier to store, handle and transport;
– BIB packing is entirely recyclable;

You can enjoy the wonderful taste and aromas of all our red, rose and white wine of the IG (geographic indication) category.

Measure: 3L, 10L, 20L